Tree Planting

Year 4 planted 280 native tree seedlings on the school grounds with help from Conservation Trust Volunteers (CTV).

The seedlings were donated to the school through CTV and we were only too pleased to have an opportunity to plant them and improve the biodiversity on the school grounds. Many trees and shrubs including hawthorn, dogwood, crab apple and wild cherry were planted by the children on a bitterly cold day in January. Despite the weather, all of the children were keen and motivated to plant the seedlings and contribute to improving the wildlife value of our school.

Many thanks to Debbie and CTV team for making this possible!




Hugh Lupton – Storyteller

Year 4 were treated to a morning with one of the most prominent oral storytellers in Britain – Hugh Lupton. Hugh told the story of ‘Beouwulf’ and then challenged the children with a number of riddles.

It was a fantastic morning for the children (and adults) and supported the learning of this term’s Talk for Writing text which happens to be Beowulf. No doubt Year 4 will be inspired and motivated to write their own version of this story and perhaps they will be able to tell the story as well as Hugh!