Amazona Trip

As part of our Inquiry, Year 4 are learning about Central and South American rainforests and today we visited Amazona to look at some of the animals found there. We observed pumas, jaguars, anacondas, macaws, spider monkeys, tapirs and lots more.  Here are some photos:



Class 4SP Tweet of the Day

Everyday Class 4SP are listening to the song of a common bird species. We are learning to identify birds visually and from their distinctive songs. So far, we have listened to chaffinch, green woodpecker, great tit, blue tit, greenfinch, goldfinch, carrion crow and wren. You can listen to Radio 4’s Tweet of the Day here.

The RSPB website is a great resource for learning birdsong, you can access it here.


Practising our T4W story

This half-term, 4SP have been learning a warning story (The Canal). As part of our Talk 4 Writing we learn to tell a story with actions, this provides foundations for the children to understand the structure and vocabulary in the story and supports their learning when they write their own warning story. Recently,we went onto the playground and practised, here is the outcome:



Evolution in Year 4.

During a guided reading session, a small group were discussing the story ‘Metamorhposis’ and one child (Mckenzie Peterson) in 4SP made the link between the story and evolution. This young man was asked to give a talk to the rest of the class. here it is:


Interactive Groups

Learning from peers in interactive groups develops communication, problem solving and reasoning skills. With the support of Mr Bradford, 4SP have been working in small groups every Friday afternoon. Each week there is a carousel of problems that require  solving and children learn from each other to solve these problems.

Here is an example: