Talk 4 Writing

Our Talk 4 Writing story is a portal story – The Door. Here is the story so you can practise at home.

The Door

Marty ran past the gardens, round the corner and onto the school field. He could just hear the other boys running after him. Blinking back his tears, Marty dashed towards the Anglo-Saxon longhouse. He opened the door and stepped in. (It seemed like a good place to hide.)

At first, he saw the bare cobbed walls with cracks running down and spiders crawling across the cold floor. But then…. as the door closed behind him, he found that he was standing in a candlelit room. High above him, smoke was drifting up through the thatched roof and on the floor there was a smouldering fire, crackling. In front of him stood a boy of about his age, dressed in a woven tunic. Wherever he was, Marty knew that was no longer in the longhouse at West Earlham Junior School!

“Quick,” screamed the young boy, grabbing Marty by the arm. The two of them ran through the great hall and dived under a wooden table. Something was moving towards them. They froze. Marty could hear his feet thudding like drumbeats. To his horror, an Anglo-Saxon warrior appeared: his razor-sharp sword glistened and steam was rising from his hairy face. “Stare him down,” hissed the other boy. “He’s a coward!”

A moment later, Marty found himself standing in front of the fierce warrior, staring into his eyes. He glared deep into the warrior’s gaze with the fierceness and fury of fire but his legs were shaking. However, it only took a few seconds before the tall warrior blinked, turned and sprinted away. Marty and the boy chased after him, shouting with joy at their triumph.

As Marty dashed through the great hall doorway, he stumbled and found himself…. back in the longhouse. The gang was standing right in front of him, still shouting. Marty halted. He stood upright and fixed them with a glare. It was a glare that had only recently halted a fierce warrior. It took a few seconds before the other boys stepped back, turned and ran. Behind them, they could hear Marty laughing….




A great start 4SP

Well done to 4Sp for a great start to the new term.

Last week we visited West Stow – see the link above for photographs.

During maths we have continued to follow the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to learning.


We have been learning to multiply and divide using arrays to support our learning:

Negative numbers with a human number line: