Habitat Management

The Outdoor Learning club have been learning about habitat management to promote wildlife. Rory Hart joined us with his tractor and meadow cutting machine to mow the wildflower meadow. Children kept a look out for small mammals whilst Rory was mowing. Children learnt that mowing the meadow would promote species richness through the removal of nutrients. We plan to extend our meadow this year, hopefully attracting more wildlife.


Physical Geography and Anglo-Saxon Settlements.

4Sp have been learning about physical geography and how different landscape features will have influenced the decisions made by Anglo-Saxons when they settled in England. Using our Outdoor Learning area we used our imagination to picture a number of landscape features and decided where and why Anglo-Saxons would choose to live.


Children decided the mound was a mountain range; the river would flow into the sea (the pond) from the mountains; the steps on the mountain would be cliffs and the decking a beach. The rough grassland behind the mountain was a forest. Combining our Anglo-Saxon inquiry with physical geography we were able to research how mountains, rivers, oceans, and waterfalls form and link it into settlements.