Sea Mere Farm Visit

We visited Sea Mere Farm today to learn about farm management for wildlife and traditional woodland management. During the visit, we filled bird feeders and learnt about different species of tree. Afterwards, we learnt to coppice hazel, how to find out the age of a tree and how to protect new shoots from deer browsing. The weather was perfect and we all had a great morning.



Investigating Electricity

Today 4SP investigated how electricity is made. We found out that electricity comes from a power station. It is generated from energy; for example, from gas heated to produce steam, wind, solar power, waves, nuclear power and even rubbish. If you want to find out more: watch the video here and find out more.

After we learnt about where electricity comes from we investigated electrical circuits. During our investigation, we found out: a circuit requires an energy source (e.g. a battery), the switch needs to be turned on for the circuit to be complete and that metal wires conduct electricity. Here are some quotes from the children.

“The afternoon was brilliant because we learnt about electricity in a fun and exciting way.” Amilie said excitedly.


” The afternoon was fun because it was challenging to make a circuit with a bulb and buzzer.” announced Poppy with a big grin on her face.