Dance Showcase

The following text was written by 4SP as a class shared write. One or two paragraphs were written by Sarah and Poppy. Mr Phillips had a coffee ; )

Yesterday, 4SP performed in the Dance Showcase at the Open Venue. We presented our own version of ‘Flash, Bang, Wallop, What a Picture’.

We set off from school at 12.00 on the coach feeling nervous and excited. Here we are waving on the bus.

When we arrived, we went to our special changing area and explored the activities. Next, we went to the stage area and watched Bluebell School, Norwich Primary Academy, Mulbarton Junior and Hethersett High rehearsing their dance. Then it was our turn to perform our dance, this is how some of us were feeling:

Millie said she felt a bit nervous because there were other schools watching.

Amilie said she was worried because she thought that she might forget what routine to follow.

Kyle said he felt excited because it was the first time that we were on-stage and performing in front of people we didn’t know.



So that we looked the part, we had an opportunity to have our make-up and hair done by the Norwich City College’s hair and beauty students.

Mia enjoyed getting her hair styled because she has never had it done like that before.

Millie said she had her hair plaited but during the dance performance they came out of the plait and covered her face.

Riley said it felt weird when he had his hair styled because he wasn’t used to the new hair style.

After that, we were called to practise our finale together with all of the other schools. Alfie was feeling brave enough to do the finale on his crutches instead of his wheelchair; despite the fact he only came out of hospital approximately a week ago after an operation on his hip. WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF HIM!

Our first performance was at 4 pm, but  before we started, mostly everyone was complaining how they were so nervous and worried about forgetting the moves.  After the first performance, everyone was proud and looking forward to do the next one. Then, we had our supper and relaxed whilst drawing and colouring. Some of us had a snooze (see pics below).

The final performance was the best. The Open Venue was over-flowing with a lively and enthusiastic audience. We were eager to start and we didn’t let the audience down with our best performance so far!

The day was great and we will all remember it for a long time.

A special thank you to Mrs Hipperson, Mrs Finlayson and Mrs Canning. An extra special thank you to Lisa – the dance instructor from the Sports Partnership.