Healthy Planet and 4SP

4Sp were treated to a climate change extravaganza from the UEA  Healthy Planet Group . Children learned about greenhouse gases, carbon footprints, the impact of climate change on different countries and different people (poor and rich families) and how to reduce their own carbon footprint. Over ten students from the UEA worked with 4SP to support children with their understanding of important environmental issues and develop our children into positive world citizens.

Here are some photos of the learning:



Here is a video of Brandon explaining the impact of climate change on a poor family in Beijing.

Billy chatting about deforestation.


Another packed day of learning…

4Sp have had such a great day of learning…

First, outdoor maths and more shapes…

After break, we worked in groups to order Jeannie Baker’s book ‘Window’. Children sorted the pages into an order and analysed the story to identify the message.

After lunch, we wrote persuasive letters inviting our parents and carers to a museum. Finally, we had our Literary Gathering next to the pond. 4Sp enjoyed Oliver Twist and now they have read two Charles Dickens novels.


At the end of the day we discovered something special in the pond. Can you guess what it is?





Tree Planting in 4SP

4SP and the Outdoor Learning club planted 100 tree seedlings to add to our 250 we planted last year.

The tree species: pedunculate oak, small leaved lime, beech, silver birch and hornbeam. We were lucky to get a break in the weather and we managed to plant all of the trees in 30 minutes on Friday afternoon.