Drama – waiting for Grendel…

Today, 4SP created their own banqueting hall and pretended they were Danes waiting for Grendel. Here is the video:


The following writing was created as a class during a shared write.

King Hrothgar had served a magnificent feast and I was feeling well fed but now I needed to keep awake and wait…

Everyone was asleep in the hall and all I could hear was the fire crackling and the heavy breathing of well lubricated men and women; as they tossed and turned on the cold, hard floor.  As the wind rushed through the windows, the candles flickered and the door creaked. From the corner of my eye, I spotted a rat scuttling across the table with a piece of leftover meat inside its mouth.

As I sat nervously, propped up by the great table, I thought of how the others had described Grendel and I shuddered. I questioned whether I was going to slay this evil monster or whether I would let down King Hrothgar. Now was not the time to have doubts but my head was spinning.

Suddenly, I heard an unfamiliar sound – heavy breathing and a low growl. I sat upright and reached for my sword. I looked towards the door and a huge bloody claw appeared; it must be Grendel. Then, the evil creature slipped into the hall. My heart was beating like a drum and when I saw the huge red eyes and the blood stained teeth, I froze in shock.

Before I could attack this evil creature he reached for the nearest soldier and tore his arm off. I was horrified to see that it was the arm of my close friend. Now I was furious! Grendel moved towards me. I braced myself. As Grendel reached for me, I plunged my sword deep into his heart. Black blood erupted like a volcano.

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